SparQ - Spatial Reasoning done Qualitatively

A toolbox for Qualitative Spatial Reasoning in applications


SparQ is a collection of tools for Qualitative Spatial Reasoning in applications released as free software under GNU GPL. The goals of SparQ are SparQ can be run on most POSIX systems such as for example Linux, Mac OS X, or Solaris.


A detailed documentation of the recent version of SparQ (V0.7.4) is available in PDF format.


Click here to download sparq-0.7.4.tar.gz

Click here to download a Mac OS X binary release including the SparQ Shell

What's new?

SparQ and QSR tutorial at Cosit
There will be a SparQ-based tutorial at Cosit 2013 in Scarborough, UK. We are working hard to have a brandnew SparQ version ready by end of August - stay tuned!
Pritom Rajkhowa and Abhijit Boruah developed a Java GUI for SparQ interaction which they share; thanks guys!
April 2010
released V0.7.4
December 2009
released V0.7.3.1 - bugfix release to V0.7.3; concerns only the building process, not the functionality
October 2009
released SparQ Shell for Mac OS X
January 2009
released V0.7.3 - minor improvements and fixes; added variable support
November 2008
released V0.7.2 - bug fix release
January 2008
released V0.7.1
July, 16th 2007
released V0.7 - major update
July 2006
released V0.6 - first 'public' release

Related Publications

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Jae Hee Lee, Jochen Renz, and Diedrich Wolter. StarVars -- Effective Reasoning about Relative Direction Information, Proceedings of IJCAI 2013, to appear

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Please consult draft versions for overview only, contact us if you cannot access a paper.